Monday, 10 January 2022

Snow White's BIGGEST MISTAKE (Clerihew Poem ) (Poetry Slam) (SLJ) - By Giselle

Snow White's BIGGEST MISTAKE (Clerihew Poem )

What is a Clerihew Poem: A Clerihew Poem is a form of poetry, It consist of 4 lines, the first 2 lines have to rhyme and the the last 2 lines have a Rhyme. (It also usually starts off with a name).

I Really Enjoyed Making This Clerihew. 



  1. Kia Ora


    It is Great to see that you have completed the activity. I really appreciate the creative powerpoint that you have created. It was good to see that you chose a good theme for your poem as your poem analyzes the snow white film. I think Snow White was just too trusting of strangers and that is the moral of the story is that you should not take things from strangers. It was super to see that you included a description and explanation of what the Clerihew Poem is, this is great to see as it could encourage your fellow bloggers to give it a go.

    An interesting fact is that the Snow White film was created in 1937. I loved the Hercules Disney movie. Is there another Disney movie that you like?

    Keep up the Super work we look forward to your next blog post!!!

    Have a Super Summer!!!

    Ngā mihi,

  2. Kia Ora Giselle
    You have done an amazing job with your Clerihew poem. I like the way you have used Snow white as your character. You have put a lot of effort and details in your work. Have a wonderful day and God Bless.

  3. Another carefully well thought out poem Giselle! A Clerihew poem is a wonderful way to express many ideas in a short succinct rhyme. In writing this poem you have been able to highlight Sleeping Beauty's characteristics and ultimate fate. Great job! I hope you are enjoying your holiday!! Miss your smile!