Friday, 9 April 2021

Stations Of The Cross - By Giselle

                      Stations Of The Cross

On Thursday April the 1st, my class and I acted for Stations of the Cross, which is showcases family and friends watching Jesus making his way to sacrifice, for our sins we have committed. We wanted to show real expression and empathy towards our characters so the younger students of our school would understand a piece of Jesus' life.

I played the role of Mary, She was a mother who witnessed the loss of her son and I had to show that with deep facial expression, we couldn't talk because their are two narrators who will be leading us to each station (There was 14 stations).

We had five practises and 1 dress rehearsal, there was a few mess ups, giggles, laughs, out of facial expression moments but all came good at the day of the reenactment.

I say we did a mighty fine job reenacting this moment in Jesus life. I'm Very happy I got this opportunity to play the role of Mary, I'm also happy for my classmates for their roles they got to play. 

Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us.

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