Tuesday, 10 March 2020

My Monster - by Giselle

My Monster Galactic Phantom

My Monster name is Galactic Phantom, He might look really scary but he is a really nice monster. He is Helpful, loving, and always there to protect me.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Guilt Station - by Giselle

                           Guilt Station

I feel dirt on my legs, the hard floor is giving me a sore back, as I wished for my soft bed at home.

Looking around I see thieves looking through other people bags, trying to steal their food. I want to stop them but they are adults and I'm only a kid. I fell asleep with guilt knowing I could have tried to stop them.

Monday, 2 March 2020

My Memory - By Giselle

                                                          My Memory

I Remember walking into a room filled with balloons and party decorations for my birthday the decorations were beautiful but something really caught my eye, a sweet, creamy chocolate cake with icing dripping from the top. My family was singing the joyful happy birthday song to me. Once everyone said hip hip hooray "I blew out the candles" with all my might and my family cheered... YAY!. 

My Mum gave me a giant slice of cake " she said wait until your siblings get a piece of cake before you eat yours. I was so tempted, I just wanted to eat mine.Finally, my mum finished cutting slices of cake for my siblings. I took a giant spoon full of cake an ate it. It was just so creamy it melted in my mouth.

My Dad gave me a present, I ripped open the wrapping paper with so much force. It was a giant photo book it looked really old and vintage. I opened the book and saw pictures of my dads parents. The photo book was really special to me because I never got to meet my grandparents because my grandma died when my dad was ten and grandpa died of lung cancer.

I really loved my birthday and the photo book I got really taught me to love and cherish my parents because someday they won't be there in my life any more.

Boy On A Bike - Macs Research List - By Giselle

Boy On A Bike - Macs Research List

- How much it would cost

-Where would they stay
-What route should they take

-Whats sights they should look at  for the long way

-What were the elevations

Mac and his dad had to research this to make sure they had enough money and somewhere to stay on their ride down the North Island. Mac also wanted to know how high the elevation was so he could prepare himself.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

My Blog Profile - By Giselle

Kia Ora , My name is Giselle and I am a year 7 student at Saint Patrick’s school, My Teacher is Ms George and my class is room 8. My hobbies are drawing, playing the ukulele, singing, solving puzzles and crossword puzzles.

I live in Auckland and I have 2 sisters and a wonderful brother who has autism. I like ice cream, nice people, flowers and animals, especially monkeys, dogs and rats. My 3 favorite colours are purple, orange and green.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

The Mask Poem - By Giselle

              The Mask Poem
The Mask poem was written by Sheil Silverstein. Our class decided to get in to groups and re-write a different version. Everyone in our class made a poem and designed it in a different way. 

                                        Sheil Silvertian Version

                                 Image result for shel silverstein
                                                         My Version