Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Its Cool To Be Kind (2) - By Giselle

Thank you for being kind 


Super Seesaw - By Giselle

                                                  Super Seesaw

Today I made a "Super Seesaw" so I could be a superhero and help Nano Girl fight "crime". Things I needed: A tube from a toilet paper roll/ paper towel roll, String/ Rubber Band, Blu tack ( but I used tape and it worked the same) and a big spoon with a long handle .

I tied the rubber band to the spoon and tube. I stuck the tape on the tube and the table so it wouldn't roll. Its time to shoot i press my finger on the spoons end and watch the foil ball fly.



Friday, 15 January 2021

Summer Funky Tunes - By Giselle



Today I made a song that's supposed to remind people of summer. My song reminds me of summer because its funky like intro music of a "summer movie" or a summer "short film". Another reason of why it reminds me to summer is because its such a fun tune and was definitely fun to make and summer is all about having fun, like going to the beach, park, playing games, eating summer treats and even just going in your backyard to enjoy the fresh air and Shinning sun: I made two versions please tell me which one you like the best? Have A Happy Summer. 

                                                    VERSION ONE 


                                                           VERSION TWO


            HAVE A HAPPY SUMMER AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR                                         GOD BLESS YOU