Thursday, 5 December 2019

Pepeha - by Giselle

Information about The Singer Lorde - By

Lorde is a professional New Zealand singer song witter. she was born 1996 November the 7th Her name is Ella Marija  Yelich-O'Connor but her stage name is Lorde.

Lord started her career at age 13 when she signed in universal Music. 
The first song lord ever made was released in song,September 2013

Lord has wrote 14 songs the recent song she sang was green light in 2017 the first song she made was "Pure Heroine" in 2013 which is the first song she ever made. 

Monday, 21 October 2019

What i learned about Maximilian Kolbe - by Giselle

What I learned about Maximilian Kolbe

St Maximilian Kolbe he became a priest in 1970
He created shelter for refugees in Poland 
In 1941 he was arrested.
He teaches men how to pray in prison .
The man who would have a wife and kids he was about to die Maximilian said take me in his place the nazi revues but Maximilian insisted he came to his death .

He did not have a family so that's why he would not let the man die because he had a family.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

How the seasons work - By Giselle

How the seasons work

There are four seasons, spring,  summer, Autumn, winter.

The seasons are like a cycle first is spring and then it moves to summer then Autumn then winter, then after winter is finished the season cycle starts again.

If the earth tilts to the sun its summer but if it does not tilt to the sun it’s winter.

When it is spring all the flowers and trees grow and bloom again.
When it is summer you can eat ice cream and do more things, which you cannot do in Winter.
When it is Autumn all the trees, leaves fall down and everyone like to play and make piles of the leaves.
when its winter you can were warm clothes and eat warm food.

When it is winter it gets really cold you can't eat ice cream in the winter or you will get a cold.