Friday, 24 July 2020

The Child Hero - By Giselle

Arriving at the hospital, a child on a gurney seeing lights flicker, gurney wheels squeaking, hearing his family crying heavily then suddenly, very slowly everything goes dark.

The child's eyes open to see he's in a room with nobody to be seen, Everything was so quiet all he could hear was beeps from a heart monitor. A person walks in the room, thinking it was the child's mother he has a smile on his face but his smile drops as soon as he realizes it is the doctor ready to stitch him up. 

The doctor injects an anesthetic in the boys intravenous, The child's eyes shut and he goes back to that dark universe he once was in.

The boys eyes open to see his mother and sister beside him. The child's sister hugs him and his mother hugs him too. The boys sister taps his arm and says "I love you, you are my hero."

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